How to organize spices in a drawer?

Here’s a quick way to organize your spices, clear up space in your upper cabinets and keep your kitchen counters clutter free!

This works especially well if you have an extra drawer to store your spices. As an additional added benefit, storing your spices in a drawer, away from heat and light can prolong their freshness and protect their flavor.

To begin, gather all your spices, check on expiration dates and decide what you want to keep.

Wait, what? Spices expire? Well, yes! While only few have expiration dates on them, as a rule of thumb, I usually check each bottle for freshness and throw away any that I can no longer smell.

I then transfer my spices into these 4oz clear glass spice jars with shaker lids and label them.

I bought this great set of glass jars online and it comes with everything you need: a collapsible funnel, several label options — from round to vertical tall labels and also clear labels with a marker for you to write in your own as well. 

BTW, those round labels are meant for the exterior top lid of the spice jars but I like the look better in the front. 


Next I’m using a spice rack tray to organize and store my spices inside my cabinet drawer. 

This spice rack tray measures a little over 13” inches wide and fits perfectly in my 18” base cabinet drawer. It can hold up to 28 spice jars depending on how you load it and/or the depth of your cabinet drawer.

And the best part, all my spices are now easy to find and see and are conveniently located in close enough proximity to my stove.


Organizing your spices in a spice drawer is a really easy project that makes a big difference in our meal prep routine!

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