Reset your Bathroom with Walmart Home Decor!

Here’s a budget-friendly curated list, mood board style, to inspire your home refresh using Walmart Home decor items. As always, click on any of my images to shop all these items.

*This post is sponsored by Walmart Home.

New Year, New You!

Well, in my case, New Bathroom!

This year, I’m working hard to prioritize ME, and that can sometimes mean refreshing or upgrading an existing space with a calming, modern look to help me feel relaxed and recharged.

A quick update to the guest bathroom in our bonus room has seriously reduced my stress levels. How is that possible?

Nice gray towels – my previous white towels were taking a serious beating with our kiddos wiping their watercolored, half-washed, painted hands on them. And it drove me half-insane that no amount of bleach would take out the stains.

These plush and beautifully textured gray towels are the perfect solution and addition to our bathroom.

Small bamboo bench – to me that means no more water splashing and that my youngest doesn’t have to tiptoe to wash her hands and splash water everywhere. She can now stand on the bench to wash her hands.

The bonus: double-duty furniture! The bench is stylish, in a neutral style I love, and will be used as intended (in just a few more months) when my daughter will be tall enough to reach the sink comfortably.

A few small additions (faux plant, candle, wall art, etc.), completed this update. And, as always, I remain super impressed with all these beautiful Walmart finds.

Big or small, if you’re planning on freshening up your bathroom or any rooms in your house, be sure to check out Walmart Home!

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