New Year Resolutions…yeah or nae?

Successful Journaling Tips

New Year resolutions can be so overwhelming and add extra, unnecessary pressure. At least that’s how my take on it.

BUT, it’s on the other hand, they can help hold you accountable! 

So, instead of New Year Resolutions, I have an ongoing list of resolutions, year over year, that I break up into smaller goals with manageable timelines so I don’t run out of steam by February and just give up altogether.

And if we’re being honest, some of our resolutions require a whole lifestyle change and that can take more than a few weeks or even months. And then there’s the part about our list of resolutions evolving over time.

My biggest goal for 2022, and I’m claiming it, is to put myself out there some more. And the rest will fall into place! 

So, whether your goal is to lose that excess weight, work out more, learn another language or practice self-care regularly, take it in stride. Resolutions take time, and new habits and skills are hard to build. So be kind to yourself! It’s a process. 

5 Quick Tips!

Journaling is the ONE thing that helps keep me sane and accountable:

  • Write down your resolutions
  • Break them up into categories or order of importance
  • Revisit them often (I do twice a month)
  • Edit your resolutions as needed (things do change)
  • Celebrate your milestones, however small

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