Board and Batten Wall DIY – Spring 21 One Room Challenge

Super excited for Week 3 of One Room Challenge! I am meeting some of amazing and super talented DIY blogger ladies here.

Now, about this board and batten DIY project – It’s UP!!

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CHALLENGE: My baseboards are beautiful and recently installed. They are the nice tall 5 1/2″ tall ones with a curved design on top. Honestly, I didn’t want to remove them and incur additional costs. And, they’re the same ones installed throughout our home.

The only PROBLEM? They are only 1/2 thick.Why should that be a problem? Well, most available boards (needed to create a board and batten wall) are 1″ thick. And if I used those, they would “stick” out and I don’t like that look.

SOLUTION: Find 1/2 inch thick boards that would create the flush look and then notch the baseboard to fit them in. Easier said then done but Lowes came through (and no, this post is not sponsored).

We got creative (made pieces fit outside of their original purpose) and chose:

  • 1/2″ x 3″ (and 3 feet tall) pine boards
  • 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ MDF baseboards (repurposed for the chair rail)
  • 1″ x 2″ square board for the top plate (above the chair rail)
  • 1/2 ” x 1 case molding (repurposed for cove molding)

COST: We ended up placing the board 19″ apart once we measured and eyeballed the room. In all, materials cost were about $250

The best tool EVER is the DeWalt Cordless Oscillating Tool – worked perfectly to notch out our baseboard with precision, speed and without creating damage to the walls. I highly recommend it. Again, this is not sponsored (I’m starting to think it should be; LOL).

board and batten, oscillating tool, diy, wainscoat, thefarafix, baseboards

The corners required a little more care. We cut the board in half (vertically) using our table saw, notched the baseboard and fit them in side by side for a custom finish.

board and batten, oscillating tool, diy, wainscoat, thefarafix, baseboards

I really happy with my board and batten molding! 

NEXT STEPS:And now the FUN BEGINS!!I get to caulk, and caulk, and caulk. Apply wood putty and spackle. And sand. And wipe down with with a tacky cloth. Then it’s on to priming and painting. Oh the joys (said no one evah).⁣

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